What makes my coaching unique?

I work with you to understand how you are ‘wired’ for success.

You will be able to explorer 48 unique dimensions of your mindset and compare yourself to successful leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, and business builders across the world.

Together, we will unlock your full potential and create a roadmap to success.

I use Fingerprint for Success (F4S), a world-first people analytics tool that is used by fast-growing companies like Canva, Atlassian, SAP, Siemens, EY, KPMG, and by accelerators like Investible, Antler, and universities like UNSW and UTS.

My coaching system leverages a variety of methods based on your needs:

Mindset science and analytics to assess and unlock your motivations and to gain an understanding of your strengths and blind spots.

Meta coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming to clear negative beliefs and behaviours and to increase confidence.

Matrix Therapies to transform stubborn problems like fear of failure, success, wealth, happiness and to clear negative emotions or influences that are blocking your success.

Archetypal Coaching to unlock your passion and purpose, reveal your ‘genius flow,’ and to integrate or clear those internal conflicts that slow your momentum to achieving your goals.

One-on-one coaching

If a personalised coaching program is what you’re looking for, one-on-one coaching will offer you keys to success and happiness.

Founder and co-founder coaching

If you are you preparing to select a co-founder or want to build a strong and productive relationship with your co-founder, founder coaching is essential. This coaching will bring out your strengths, identify points of confusion, or conflict, and create a shared vision and roadmap for the future.

Leader and team coaching

If you are preparing to lead or are developing your team or board and want an action plan for change, this coaching will bring you alignment, increased engagement, collaboration, and communication for greater results.

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Your coaching options

Serving you with life, career, startup, scaleup and business coaching

Whether you want to build clarity in your vision, change careers, advance your progress, elevate your confidence, develop your leadership capabilities, increase your influence, amplify your brand, or advance your business plan, I can help you achieve results.

Join my coaching programs, which are based on the research-based model, Accelerate You! that delivers results for individuals, teams, startups, scaleups, and organisations around the world.

Coaching brings you the following benefits:

  • Clarify your personal vision, passion, purpose, and goals
  • Develop awareness, resilience, and courage to achieve results
  • Create a roadmap toward your goals, set priorities, and learn to pivot in life, career, and business
  • Clear negative beliefs, emotions, and influences that block your success
  • Form a focus, set boundaries, and claim your power, authority, and influence
  • Achieve health, happiness, meaning, and the results you desire as you advance and accelerate in life on your terms!

What my clients are saying

Arti Agrawal - Director of Inclusion, Diversity & Involvement , Anthony Nolan Trust


"Jeri helped me think through my strengths and values and how they aligned with the life I want to live, the career I want to have. She helped me gain confidence."

Emaly Black - Project Manager, University of Technology Sydney

"True to her word—Jeri will accelerate your career! Jeri helped me to identify my strengths and blind spots and to clarify where I wanted to go in the next steps in my career and plan an achievable pathway to reach my goals."

Rowan Smith - Founder, Tech Gym

"Jeri gave me the knowledge, confidence, and the skills required to form my own venture, manage a team, raise capital, and build technology that will positively impact the lives of others."