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Develop your personal power strategies to accelerate toward your goals!


Accelerate You! is a book for female leaders to unlock their personal power within. 

This book will help you identify your mindsets and power pivots to lead change in yourself and the world.

Find and fix 5 damaging power gaps that leak your personal power.

Learn 5 mindsets that you can use to increase your personal power and confidence.   

Adopt 5 power strategies that accelerate you forward to a future you desire, and 5 steps or power pivots that you can make that will change your life, career, and business.

This book is the ultimate guide for women who want to power up their leadership and growth.

Accelerate You! is available now in paperback and as an e-book.

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Are you ready to accelerate your life, career, and business?


Develop your mindsets and roadmap for success

Are you ready to increase your clarity, confidence, and courage to gain the success your desire? 

Are you ready to pivot and position yourself to advance and accelerate in life, career or business?

I help you pivot from being overwhelmed with complexity to having clarity and feeling confident to design your pathway to passion, purpose, and success on your terms.

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Are you ready to accelerate your life, career, and business?

Develop your mindsets and roadmap for success

Are you ready to increase your clarity, confidence, and courage to gain the success your desire?

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Advancing your career and accelerating your business

Coaching - Professional Development - Inspiring and Motivating Events

01. Coaching

Advance your life, career, or venture

Coaching packages are available for individuals, groups, founders, and teams

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02. Professional Development

Develop your career, leadership, team, board, and organisation

Programs start with assessments to bring clarity, allowing you to customise your roadmap to success and deliver results

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03. Speaking

Inspire, motivate, and engage your audience

Take neuroscience out of the lab and into life with evidence-based storytelling with topics designed to awaken, activate, and advance you toward success

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Accelerate You!

The power pivots, mindsets, and steps to power up your leadership

By Jeri Childers, PhD

Download a chapter from my book Accelerate You! for your roadmap to design the future you desire

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Who I work with

Leaders who are ready to pivot and position themselves to advance and accelerate in life, career, or business. Coaching you from complexity to clarity to feel the confidence and courage to design your pathway to passion, purpose, and success on your terms! 


Leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, business builders, and teams starting up and scaling up innovation and change


Leaders preparing to advance or enable their team to make a significant change


Individuals preparing to make a significant career pivot or looking for career development support for a new job or board position


Individuals seeking success, happiness, passion, and purpose in all areas of their lives

What my clients are saying

Client success stories  

Arti Agrawal - Director of Inclusion, Diversity & Involvement, Anthony Nolan Trust


"Jeri helped me think through my strengths and values and how they aligned with the life I want to live, the career I want to have. She helped me gain confidence."

Emaly Black - Project Manager, University of Technology Sydney

"True to her word—Jeri will accelerate your career! Jeri helped me to identify my strengths and blind spots and to clarify where I wanted to go in the next steps in my career and plan an achievable pathway to reach my goals."

Rowan Smith - Founder, Tech Gym

"Jeri gave me the knowledge, confidence, and the skills required to form my own venture, manage a team, raise capital, and build technology that will positively impact the lives of others."

Nice to meet you!

I help you design a future that inspires you! With my coaching you will unlock your strengths and pivot around your barriers 

Jeri Childers, PhD, is the founder of Accelerate You! a coaching, leadership, and business development company.

Jeri works with leaders and organizations supporting entrepreneurs, innovators, and business builders who want a personalized roadmap for their lives, careers, business.

Jeri develops leaders and teams with a focus on mindsets and intentional change strategies that combine mindset research, brain science, and innovation strategies for leadership and business development.

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