Connect with your Circle of Power

This 4-month female leadership program will help you radically change your life, career, and business. Choose your priorities and learning goals and customise your leadership development journey.

What is inside this training program:

  • access to an online assessment that measures 48 different traits
  • A personalized report on your strengths and blind spots that enable you to benchmark yourself with successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and business builders
  • a free coaching session to bring you clarity allowing you to develop a roadmap for your career or business
  • resources to build clarity, confidence, courage, and your personal power
  • access to a powerful community of leaders willing to support your goals

 Your takeaways and benefits include:

  • find your strengths and motivations to discover your 'sweet spots' and 'blind spots'
  • gain clarity on your goals and strategies for your life, career, and business
  • move beyond your barriers and release yourself from self-doubt by clearing problem patterns like perfectionism, people pleasing and imposter syndrome
  • get focused, creative, and collaborative to seize opportunities
  • become confident, courageous, and comfortable in your own personal power and leadership style
  • step out to be recognised and rewarded for your contributions
  • embody your personal power to achieve more results faster

 Your Program modules:

  • 8 group training and coaching sessions. Each session will provide you with deep exploration of the 5 power gaps, 5 power mindsets, and 5 strategies for success
  • 8 Online modules. Each module includes a workbook to learn your power gap and how to develop your own personal power playbook with power success strategies that will accelerate you towards your goals
  • Step-by-step training content. Content and activities to provide you with greater ability to recognise your power gaps and to discover how to gain more clarity confidence and courage to seize opportunities and create success on your terms
  • Curate resources for expanded learning. Tips, techniques, and strategies from the top experts on key topics essential to powering up your results accelerating you toward your goals
  • Private , online support group. A private, member -only support group for additional help, answers, and advise on your most burning questions
  • Access to additional, one-on-one coaching. Optional coaching sessions are available before, during, and after the program to amplify your results  
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A look at the modules inside this program

Step 1: Awaken

  • Uncover your mindsets and blind spots
  • Define success on your terms
  • Clarify your passion and purpose
  • Understand your strengths and values 
  • Identify what is blocking your success

Step 2: Activate

  • Identify what is working and not working for you
  • Determine what you are willing to give up, like perfectionism or imposter syndrome, to have more of what you desire
  • Develop your roadmap to powerup your authentic leadership style

Step 3: Advocate

  • Gather resources and learn the benefits of delegating
  • Learn to advocate for yourself, claim your authority, and step into your personal power
  • Identify the boundaries to put in place to achieve results

Step 4: Amplify

  • Identify your strategies for ‘hiding out’ and self-sabotage
  • Clear your fears and negative emotions
  • Deploy new strategies to amplify your ambition, influence, and impact

Step 5: Advance

  • Assess what’s working and what is next in your journey toward success
  • Curate your courageous leaps, truths, and curious questions to further advance your goals
  • Complete your radical action plan for success on your terms

Make change happen and own your success!

Are you ready to awaken your ambition, activate your mindsets for success, and increase your confidence?



Take the steps for your success, be unstoppable!

What my clients are saying

Arti Agrawal - Director of Inclusion, Diversity & Involvement , Anthony Nolan Trust


"Jeri helped me think through my strengths and values and how they aligned with the life I want to live, the career I want to have. She helped me gain confidence."

Emaly Black - Project Manager, University of Technology Sydney

"True to her word—Jeri will accelerate your career! Jeri helped me to identify my strengths and blind spots and to clarify where I wanted to go in the next steps in my career and plan an achievable pathway to reach my goals."

Sadia Khan - Founder, Skin Saver

"Jeri gave me the knowledge, confidence, and the skills required to form my own venture, manage a team, raise capital, and build technology that will positively impact the lives of others."

Nice to meet you, I am your learning guide!

Leverage my 20+ years of experience to achieve your life, career, and business goals  


Jeri Childers, PhD, is the founder of Accelerate You!TM a coaching, leadership, and business development company.

Jeri works with individuals, accelerators, and organizations supporting leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who want a coach and business catalyst that provides clarity, confidence, courage, and customized roadmaps for success in life, career, and business.  Dr Childers spent over 25 years in academic and corporate life researching, teaching, and coaching in leadership, career, and business development. 

Dr Childers’ has international certifications in innovation, change management, and coaching and her work combines brain science, powerful coaching techniques, and proven strategies for leadership, career, and business.  

In 2019 she launched the University of Technology Techcelerator and the Female Founder Mentoring Program to enable deep tech commercialization and startup pathways. In 2021, she co-directed iAccelerate at the University of Wollongong, which incubates business ideas for startups and scaleups. In 2022 Jeri managed accelerator programs for researchers at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) which supports business development and commercialization pathways for inventors and innovators. In 2023 Jeri lectured at the University of Sydney Business School and was the co-head of the Genesis Program, an accelerator focused on growing businesses quickly.  Today Jeri lectures in the Executive MBA program at the University of Wollongong School of Business in Sydney. 

Over the years she has assisted organizations like Canva and Inspiring Rare Birds to advance and accelerate female leaders. Now in her own business she is dedicated to the advancement of women around the globe through her writing, coaching, training, speaking, and leadership.

Jeri Childers, PhD has developed this program to support female choice-makers and change-makers to powerup in their fields, and to startup and scaleup their lives, careers, and businesses.