Leadership Mindsets for Success 


This Program will help you benchmark your mindsets with those of successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and business builders.  Choose your learning goals and customize your powerup journey.

You will learn to use the mindsets that make leaders, entrepreneurs, and business builders successful as well as how to pivot your life, career, or business with purpose!


Your takeaways and benefits include:

  • Online training content designed to improve your clarity, confidence, and courage to clear your blocks to success
  • A webinar with engaging activities and content
  • A private, online learning community where you can network with business leaders, role models, mentors, and potential career and business sponsors
  • A private one-on-one coaching session with Dr Jeri Childers
  • Personalized online tool revealing your motivations, strengths, and 'blind spots'
  • Membership program alumni and the Accelerate You! lifetime benefits
  • Access to optional, additional coaching for increased results
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A look at the modules inside this program

Step 1: Awaken

  • Uncover your mindsets and blind spots
  • Learn the mindsets for success for leaders, entrepreneurs, and business builders
  • Access to personalized coaching tools

Step 2: Activate

  • Activate your plan for developing your ‘inner game’ for success
  • Focus on your priorities for personal development

Step 3: Advance

  • Gather resources and learn the benefits of coaching and success mindsets
  • Create a plan to powerup your life, career, and business

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Leadership Mindsets for Success 

This webinar is designed for those leaders ready to know their strengths and learn the mindsets for success!

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Develop your ‘inner game’ for success!

Are you ready to startup and scaleup your team and business?


What my clients are saying

Sadia Khan - Founder, SkinSaver

"The (program) allowed me to build my confidence. It put me in a place where I was out of my comfort zone. It strengthened those weaknesses that I had. We built partnerships and collaborations with companies and with individuals that I would never have built outside the program. I pushed my team further—to build a product we are all proud of today."

Steven Vasilescu - Co-Founder, Microgenesis Pty Ltd

"I feel like our entire team is better equipped to be entrepreneurs in the future. We still have got a lot to learn but what we gained from the program was invaluable. It will serve us for the future… and how we listen to customers so we can validate our product. It changed the way we approach their problems. "

Trish Coleman - CEO, Performance through Transformation

"Jeri’s impact on myself and others has been amazingly positive, incredibly infectious, and wonderfully supportive. Jeri is an extremely authentic, caring, and passionate individual who is deeply interested in elevating others, providing support, encouragement, and motivation to stretch and achieve."

Nice to meet you, I am your learning guide!

Leverage my 20+ years of experience to achieve your life, career, and business goals  

Jeri Childers, PhD works with individuals, accelerators, and organizations supporting leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who want a coach and business catalyst that provides clarity, confidence, courage, and customized roadmaps for success in life, career, and business.  Dr Childers spent over 25 years in academic and corporate life researching, teaching, and coaching in leadership, career, and business development. 

Dr Childers’ has international certifications in innovation, change management, and coaching and her work combines brain science, powerful coaching techniques, and proven strategies for leadership, career, and business.  

In 2019 she launched the University of Technology Techcelerator and the Female Founder Mentoring Program to enable deep tech commercialization and start-up pathways. In 2021, she co-directed iAccelerate at the University of Wollongong, which incubates business ideas for start-ups and scaleups. In 2022 Jeri managed accelerator programs for researchers at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) which supports business development and commercialization pathways for inventors and innovators. Dr Childers went on to head the University of Sydney School of Business Genesis accelerator program

Over the years she has assisted organizations like Canva and Inspiring Rare Birds to advance and accelerate female leaders. Now in her own business she is dedicated to the advancement of women around the globe through her writing, coaching, training, speaking, and leadership.

Jeri Childers, PhD has developed this program to support female choice-makers and change-makers to powerup in their fields, and to start-up and scaleup their lives, careers, and businesses.