Make success feel easy and discover your ‘genius flow’!

Do you know your strengths that set you apart?  Many of us don’t know what motivates us or appreciate the strengths that we have that make a difference for others in our team or in our community.  Appreciate (or discover) your unique strengths.

When you interview for a job or board position, pitch your idea for funding, design a new product or service, collaborate in a team on a project, or ask for that first date, to be successful, you must appreciate and communicate how you are unique and that you have the strengths that will satisfy what is needed.

Your strengths are a combination of mindsets, experiences, skills, capabilities, and behaviours that can enable collaboration, creativity, decision making, action, change, and results. 

Our mindsets are our motivations.  Our mindsets are filled with preferences or motivational biases that guide our behaviours and actions.  For example, we may prefer to work in a group environment or in a solo environment.  Or, we may prefer a high level of variety in our projects or tasks during the day.

When you know your motivations, preferences, and strengths and begin to use these to contribute to others and to design your life, career, or venture, you will be more productive, satisfied, and in ‘flow’.

When you know the preferences of others, you can help them design their contributions in line with the team goals which will improve communication, reduce conflicts, and increase the team’s results.

When your team is harnessing the strengths and differences of team members you are going to be more successful as a team and work will feel more fun and effortless.

Leaders that empower teams to leverage their motivations and strengths unlock the ‘genius flow’ of their team and unleash the team’s potential for 10x results.  

Characteristics of successful teams are evident when members:


  • are empowered and have a sense of autonomy
  • feel safety and trust
  • know the purpose of their work, have clarity, and understand goals
  • work and play together
  • have diverse attributes, particularly in the way they think, approach problem solving, and actively leverage each other’s diverse strengths
  • have honest communications and address conflict quickly and openly.


If you know what motivates you, you can discover your genius flow.  Knowing and tapping into your genius flow can help you facilitate change and decisions, reduce conflict, and increase the achievement of your strategic goals.

If you want to improve your team’s dynamics use this framework:


  • Understand the motivations and strengths of team members
  • Recognise motivational bias and the importance of self-awareness and empathy
  • Create shared goals
  • Bring the team together regularly to clarify goals, progress, and challenges
  • Build trust and encourage differences in opinion 
  • Make adaptability, flexibility, and autonomy key priorities
  • Design the space for team decision making (this is particularly important as we work from home or in distributed teams) and use the appropriate tools to collaborate.
  • Communicate about work styles, priorities and needs.



When you activate your genius flow you are tapping into your energy and the ‘optimum launch sequence’ inside your brain to get ‘lift off’ of your ideas so you push past challenges and take the steps required for success.

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