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Accelerating yourself starts with an awareness of your passion and purpose and imaging an inspiring future while trying new methods and solving problems differently, deeply listening and empathising with customers and employees while you are pushing boundaries to create change in yourself, your team, or in the marketplace.

Accelerating yourself requires you to tap into the resources around you and being willing to recruit a support team or your personal board of directors which include mentors, coaches, career sponsors, and investors of all types and stripes.  The Accelerate You! program will provide you with an action plan for recruiting your support team.

Female founders are activating their career and venture plans with the help of great coaches and mentors. 

These founders have been on a journey to amplify their career ambitions and to advance their ventures toward their passions and purpose and have learned important lessons for success on their terms.  They have learned how to:

  1. Awaken their mindset for success and align their mindsets with their passion, purpose, and power as change agents, leaders, and founders
  2. Activate their career and venture ambitions
  3. Advocate for their needs, leverage resources and ask for the support
  4. Amplify their leadership and venture brands and to promote themselves and their teams effectively
  5. Advance their careers and ventures by co-creating and experimenting with their team members and customers.  

Elaine Kong demonstrates a growth mindset in almost everything she tackles in life.  She enjoys challenge, learning to master new roles and experiences, and finding creative solutions with others.  Elaine launched her startup, Swooft, as part of the UTS Techcelerator program and the UTS Female Founder Program that I founded in 2019.  As a risk-taker, Elaine joined this pre-accelerator program for engineering students to be a part of the adventure of prototyping in deep tech with five other like-minded students.  Four of these students were strangers at the time.  Together, they have grown as a team and have ridden many ‘waves’ of innovation challenges experienced by product development teams in ‘startup mode.’

Elaine has a background in civil engineering and Swooft was an opportunity for her to take her career exploration in a different and exciting direction, “It’s an exciting challenge to learn about lots of things that I wouldn’t otherwise go near in my day-to-day life.”

The Techcelarator enables students and researchers to develop deep technologies that solve real-world problems and the opportunity for the founders to explore their passions and purposes while learning to lead innovation.  Swooft uses AI technology to enable people around the globe to recycle and reuse pre-loved items, saving our planet and providing a painless way for each of us to be more sustainable.  Swooft enables us to simultaneous post our treasures in multiple online marketplaces, taking the hassle out of our commitment to the environment.

Elaine has been working with her mentor, Maya Marcus, Head of Product and Learning, Young Change Agents, on how to be an inclusive and engaged leader that enables co-creation and creativity as a part of the innovation journey.  According to Elaine, “It was Maya’s wisdom that enabled me to have challenging conversations.”  Elaine points to the practices that Maya inspired as enabling greater team communication and empowerment, which is so important in team development and leading innovation.

Elaine was able to allow team members to awaken their mindsets, strengths, and differences. She activated, through conversations and dialogue, the team’s focus on their purpose.  Elaine led processes that advocated for team member’s needs and voices.  Together they pivoted and amplified their focus on customers and their challenges while building a new brand strategy. Elaine and each team member are leveraging this experience to advance their startup while they advance their careers and their focus on their vision of how engineers can apply deep technologies to invent the future and make a better world.

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My research of female founders and tech pioneers has emerged 5 steps and mindsets for success that help you define success on your own terms, and help you advance yourself, your team, and your venture.

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