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Australian women make up 46% of the workforce, are paid on average 17% less than their male counterparts, with only 10% of women moving to senior leadership roles, and only 4% moving into CEO roles in Australian ASX200 companies.  Sixty percent of women don’t feel that they have equal opportunities to be promoted.

The business case for gender equality at each level in organisations, including the C-suite and the board, include measures of profitability, productivity, risk/compliance, customer ratings, staff engagement and fewer governance issues.  Companies with women on boards perform better (World Economic Forum, December 2015).

I work with female leaders and the companies that employ them, including small business owners and startup founders.   Unpacking these statistics and the underlying causes of these issues is complex but worth it.  There are ways to close these gaps and I work with organisations that are making diversity and inclusion core to their business strategy.  These organisations are ready to advance and accelerate women and have a deep understanding of the societal and organisational forces at play and are developing new pathways for female leadership.  

As a transformation coach, I work with women who juggle work-life balance, societal expectations, stereotypes, and internal biases that mask their passions, career ambitions, and career goals.  I help them clear the negative beliefs and influences and pioneer to their ideal futures on their terms.

I help women awaken their career ambition and appreciate their strengths in a process that unlocks their career purpose and success mindsets.  This process empowers them to release their negative beliefs, emotions, and influences to provide access to resources to enable their career ambitions.

I am working with the Unstoppable Women of Canva, who are advancing and accelerating their careers with the support of Canva and this leadership development program.  Canva recognises the importance of advancing and accelerating women and values social justice.  They have curated their culture to be inclusive and welcoming and live their values daily through the development of their people.  Culture is so important as an enabler of employee engagement, productivity, and personal growth.  Canva had been piloting the Unstoppable program to support the female engineers and data scientists in awakening their ambitions and to appreciate their strengths to advance their careers. 

I conduct research on innovation, career and venture development, and the mindsets for success.  Working with individuals and ventures that want to invent a brighter future.  In the last three years I have been interviewing female engineers, data scientists, and tech founders about their career paths and how organizations contribute to their success.

There are 5 steps and mindsets for success that work at every career stage and in every organization.

I will be sharing with you the results of my research that will accelerate your career, help you define success on your own terms, and help you advance yourself, your team, and your organization.

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