Hi, I am Jeri

I am a passion and purpose coach and I help people achieve success and happiness in their lives, careers, and businesses and enable people to learn, grow, and to achieve their dreams.

My clients are leaders, business owners, startup founders, inventors, and creatives who want to transform themselves, their teams, and organisations.

I am a pioneer and work with like-minded souls who seek success on their own terms and who are re-inventing themselves and designing inspiration, innovation, influence, and impact in their life.

Only about 3% of us have a vision or plan for our life, career, or business. I work with the 97% of us who want success but don’t have a plan, or the mindsets for success, and are seeking a coach or guide on their path toward success as they define it.

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My steps to success

Each of us in on a hero or heroine journey


My transformational journey started with a love of science, discovery, invention, and adventure. As a child I played with test tubes, microscopes, inventing new gadgets, designing new products and businesses, and travelling to faraway places or having great adventures of my own design. My childhood dreams led me to become a researcher, studying the mindsets and steps for career and business success.

I came to Australia on a soul’s journey, re-designing my life to reflect my values of freedom, adventure, and innovation.

Along the way, I founded a deep tech accelerator at the University of Technology Sydney and their Female Founders Mentoring Program and the Advancing Women in Tech Leadership Development Program.  Later I became the Director of Education at iAccelerate at the University of Wollongong.

I learned to sail and take the helm of my life, career, and small business—all childhood dreams.

My experience with leaders, founders, and business owners and my extensive research on career and business design, led me to create the coaching and professional model, Accelerate You!

Today, I use storytelling, a variety of coaching, and therapeutic techniques to co-design with my clients their steps for success in life, career, and business.

How I can help

I provide a roadmap and winning formula for yoursuccess


I offer professional development and coaching services for those seeking to startup or scaleup change in their life, career, or business using a research-based, winning model called Accelerate You!

My coaching packages are for individuals, co-founders, and teams leverages a variety of methods based on your needs:

Mindset science and analytics to assess and unlock your motivations and to gain and understanding of your strengths and blind spots

What makes me unique?

  • I work with you to understand how you are ‘wired’ for success
  • You will be able to explore 48 unique dimensions of your mindset and compare yourself to successful leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, and business builders across the world
  • Together, we will unlock your full potential and create a roadmap to success


Meta coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to clear negative beliefs and behaviours and to increase confidence.

Matrix Therapies to transform stubborn problems like fear of failure, success, wealth, happiness, and to remove negative emotions and influences that are blocking your success.

Archetypal Coaching to unlock your passion and purpose, reveal your ‘genius flow,’ and to integrate or clear those internal conflicts that slow your momentum to achieving your goals.

Using the 5-step model,  Accelerate You! in my programs, process, and coaching, we will develop the mindsets and a personalised plan for achieving your goals.

My process includes 5 steps for success


Gain clarity on your strengths and set priorities to reach your goals


Focus on your vision while clearing negative beliefs, emotions, and influences that are blocking your success


Learn to step into the success you desire, ask for what you need, and claim your power, influence, and impact as a leader


Step up, stand out, and build your courage to clearly communicate your vision and your success


Experience your momentum, learn through setbacks and positive shifts, and leverage your new-found confidence to take radical action toward your goals

Why I do it

My passion is transformation, and my purpose is helping you achieve your potential to make the world better 

My coaching and development programs are designed as a process of transformation that starts with dreaming the future.

Together we will…

  • Use our imagination and the inspiration that comes from inventing the future together--making the impossible possible


  • Encourage innovative and enterprising mindsets, learning through iteration, and experiencing the power of our inner strengths


  • Define our intended impact, result, and experience the adventure of achieving our goals

Join me on your personalised journey today!

Available courses

Are you ready to achieve results? These programs are designed to build upon each other or can be taken separately. Stack them for the ultimate results. Super charge them by adding personal coaching.



These 3-month sprints include personal assessments, online learning, individual and group coaching that delivers last life, career, and venture impact.

Masterclasses are customised for individuals who are entrepreneurs and business builders or for leaders preparing for advancement, career changes, or individuals seeking to take steps toward success in their life or business.  

These classes can be offered in-house to your organisation or can be customised for founders interested in accelerating their results.

Check out what is currently on offer!

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These 5-week challenges provide rapid results on life, career, or venture goals that are important to you now!

These bootcamps can be offered in-house to your organisation or can be customised for founders or teams interested in accelerating their results.

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Webinars, Events, and the Accelerate You! Community

Curate your own journey, impact, and results with these flexible and fast learning formats in a community of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and creatives on the path to success.

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Fun facts about me

I have designed my life around my core values



Finding courage by moving toward my fear makes me stronger.

Riding my motorcycle symbolises courage for me and is fuelled by my need for freedom.



Seizing the adventure that comes from challenging myself, mastering something new, and enjoying going where the wind blows and where my heart takes me, makes me stronger.

Sailing symbolises adventure and enables me to claim my personal power for decision and results.



Creating gives me time and space to feel, conceive, give birth, nurture, imagine, love, and experience abundance.

Making art is therapeutic and releases emotions, beliefs, and influences that no longer serve and illuminates my transformational journey.

Learn more about my art here.

Take the steps for your success

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