If you are a women who wants to develop your leadership potential or an ally of female leaders, this book is a must read.

Accelerate You!

The power pivots, mindsets, and steps to power up your leadership

 Become the successful and empowered leader you want to be. 

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Accelerate You!

What is inside my book


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 Accelerate You!


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Did you know that a staggering 98% of women

face 5 key power gaps?


These limitations and challenges are stopping you from thriving, building rewarding careers, and reaching your goals. 75% of women surveyed are experiencing at least 3 of the 5 damaging power gaps at the same time! If you have any of these power gaps, you won't achieve your highest potential.

Are you facing these key power gaps, too? 

Power Gap #1

Not recognizing your special talents, motivations, abilities, accomplishments, and ambitions

Power Gap #2

Acting and communicating from fear, not strength

Power Gap #3

Failing to back yourself and your decisions or asking for what you deserve

Power Gap #4

Not comfortable making decisions, problem solving, and using or developing resources

Power Gap #5

Isolating from influential support and failing to step up
and stand out

Each of these power gaps keeps you from seeing yourself powerfully and clearly.

Accelerate You! Shows you how you can close your power gaps, shift your mindsets to achieve success and use power strategies and power pivots to achieve results faster!

Is This You?

Having trouble establishing your vision and direction?

Don't know your strengths, blind spots, or how to make informed choices to reach your goals?

Do your fears are hold you back?

Don't have the success strategies to accelerate yourself ahead?

Are you stressed, anxious, exhausted, angry, and suffering from indecision?

Are you not confident in your decisions or ability to negotiate for your needs?

Do you struggle to prioritize, delegate, innovate, or influence others?

Do you feel invisible and unrecognized for your contributions?

Do you struggle to understand and implement strategies for success?

Do you lack clarity, confidence, and courage to advance?

Imagine if, instead, you could:

  • Find your strengths and motivations to be the leader you desire
  • Gain clarity on your goals and strategies for your life, career, and business
  • Release yourself from self-doubt by clearing problem patterns like perfectionism, people pleasing, and imposter syndrome
  • Get focused, creative, and collaborative to seize opportunities
  • Become confident, courageous, and comfortable in your personal power and leadership style
  • Step out and be recognized and rewarded for your contributions
  • Embody your personal power to achieve more results, faster


 Accelerate You!

To Find out How 

Link to e-book and paperback edition.

I’m Jeri Childers, PhD

Accelerate You! will teach you the most important steps to transform your life, career, and business by accessing your personal power.  Do you want greater clarity, confidence, and courage? Learn the power pivots and power strategies required to create the results that you desire.

For the last 25 years, I’ve coached and trained over 20,000 leaders—professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, and business builders just like you and helped them unlock their power mindsets.  This book provides the tools and techniques you need to be an effective leader and to achieve significantly more satisfaction and success.

What people are saying about Accelerate You!

Who's Behind This Program

Jeri Childers, PhD, combines brain science, powerful coaching techniques, and proven leadership, career, and business strategies to provide you with a personalised roadmap to success.

Jeri brings over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering learning for leaders, founders, and business owners. Her research has focused on the mindsets for success and what makes professionals thrive and be successful in their lives, careers, and businesses.

In 2019 Jeri launched both the UTS Techcelerator—to enable deep tech commercialization and startup pathways and the Female Founder Mentoring Program. In 2022, she directed iAccelerate at the University of Wollongong, which incubates business ideas for startups and scaleups. Over the years Jeri has assisted organizations like Canva and Inspiring Rare Birds, advance and accelerate female leaders. Today, Jeri manages the CSIRO ON Programs which supports leadership and business pathways for inventors and innovators. Jeri knows what it takes to support women to discover their passion and power to create positive change in their lives, careers, and businesses.

Jeri has developed the program and community called Accelerate You! to support female choice-makers and change-makers, pioneering in their fields, innovating, starting up and scaling up while making their lives and their world better. Accelerate You! programs provide a roadmap, process, and community that supports your success—as you define it!

For Organizations

Jeri Childers, PhD provides training in organizations focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and committed to developing and advancing women.

If your organization is driven to advance emerging and seasoned managers and leaders reach their highest potential, choose from one of the professional development programs that can be customized for your workplace.

For more information, email [email protected] today to inquire about bringing this training to your workforce today.